Generate Dataset after changing array rotation parameters

dataset_params = read_params('DeepMIMOv2_example_2_params.m');

% Generate the dataset with the loaded parameters
[DeepMIMO_dataset, dataset_params] = DeepMIMO_generator(dataset_params);
 DeepMIMO Dataset Generation started
 Reading the channel parameters of the ray-tracing scenario O1_60
 Basestation 1
 Basestation 2
 Constructing the DeepMIMO Dataset for BS 1 - Percentage completed: 100.0
 Constructing the DeepMIMO Dataset for BS 2 - Percentage completed: 100.0
 DeepMIMO Dataset Generation completed 

Visualization of an antenna array orientation

Select an active basestation to visualize its antenna array orientation

BS_id = 1;

Num_ant_BS = dataset_params.num_ant_BS(BS_id,:);
Array_rotation_BS = DeepMIMO_dataset{BS_id}.rotation;
Ant_spacing_BS = dataset_params.ant_spacing_BS(BS_id);
Carrier_freq = dataset_params.carrier_freq;