DeepMIMO v3 is now available + 25 new scenarios!

DeepMIMO v1

DeepMIMO v1 

  • Generates the channels between selected BSs and UEs 

  • Allows for multiple antennas only at the BSs (with single-antenna UEs)

  • Supports OFDM channels only

  • Available only in Matlab



  • We recommend using DeepMIMO v2 instead of DeepMIMO v1  
  • DeepMIMO v1 is only kept to support previous simulations codes 
  • The new version DeepMIMO v2 supports all the features of DeepMIMO v1 with better performance

How to Generate a DeepMIMO v1 Dataset?

Step 1: (Generator scripts)

  • Download DeepMIMO v1 MATLAB generator scripts.
  • Extract the file

Step 2: (Scenario)

  • Select and download a scenario from the scenarios page.
  • Extract scenario folder into the path DeepMIMOv1/Raytracing Scenarios/

Step 3: (Parameter Configuration and Data Generation)

  • Edit and run DeepMIMO_Dataset_Generator.m to configure and generate the dataset.