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I2 (Indoor 2) Blockage Scenario

I2 scenario

  • An indoor room scenario with dimensions¬†7 m x 13 m x 3 m
  • A line-of-sight (LOS) blockage between the base station and the users
  • One access point inside the room at 2 m height
  • More than 140 thousand candidate users
  • Dataset is available at operating frequency 28 GHz

Key components

  • One access point or base station (BS) named BS1
  • Each antenna array element at BS1 is an isotropic antenna
  • BS1 is mounted on a 2 m height
  • BS1 is placed on the northern wall of the room as shown in Figure 1
  • One uniform x-y user grid (UG) named UG1
  • Total number of users = 140,901 users
  • The first user in every user grid is always the user with the lowest (x,y) coordinate
  • Each antenna array element at each user is an isotropic antenna
  • First user grid (UG1)
    • Located behind the blockage with a length of 7 m and width of 2 m
    • The height of this user grid is 1 m
    • Accessed from Row 1 to Row 701 (701 rows in total)
    • 201 users per row (201 users with the same y coordinate)
    • 1 cm spacing between adjacent users
  • The room dimensions are 7 m x 13 m x 3 m
  • The blockage dimensions are 3 m x 24 cm x 2.5 m
  • The blockage is 4.5 m away from BS1
  • The door opening in Figure 1 is 3 m in width
  • As for the propagation model, each channel path can undergo a maximum of 4 reflections and 1 diffraction before reaching the receiver.

Download the ray-tracing data files of the I2 scenario:

Applications of the I2 scenario