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Elements of the 3D data file of channels and the 2D data file of user locations  


Krittin Chaowakarn
 Krittin Chaowakarn
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30/06/2022 10:59 am  

According to DeepMIMO Dataset, for example, O1_28, how can I create a 3D data file of channels and a 2D data file of user locations. (The red texts)

What elements should I include in both data files?

% Main script for training and testing a DL model to predict mmWave (28
% GHz) beam indecies from sub-6 GHz channels. The script assumes the data
% provided in the form of two (.mat) files:
% - dataFile1: Sub-6 data
% - dataFile2: 28GHz data

% Each .mat is a data structure with the following fields: channels and user
% locations. Channels should be arranged into a 3D array with the following
% dimensions: # of antenna elements X # of sub-carriers X # of users. User
% locations should be a 2D array with the folllowing dimensions: 3 X # of users.
% The "options" structure provide control over the type of experiment to run.
% -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
% Author:
% Muhammad Alrabeiah,
% Sept 2019.






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06/12/2022 5:21 am  

Hi @Krittin Chaowakarn


You need to generate data using DeepMIMO. Then, place them in a structure following this instruction:

"- Organize the data into a MATLAB structure named “rawData” with the following fields: channel and userLoc. “channel” is a 3D array with dimensions: # of antennas X # of sub-carriers X # of users while “userLoc” is a 2D array with dimensions: 3 X # of users."

You can find a similar organization example for the channel mapping paper in this post.


Best regards,



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