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[Solved] Support of D-MIMO/User-centric-MIMO/Cell-free MIMO  


Yifei Jin
 Yifei Jin
(@Yifei Jin)
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12/08/2022 1:16 pm  

Hi! Thanks for this great framework!

I wonder if DeepMIMO supports D-MIMO (a.k.a. User-centric-MIMO, Cell-free MIMO) setup for CSI information?



Yifei Jin

Member Admin
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06/12/2022 2:21 am  

Hi @Yifei Jin,


The DeepMIMO generates the channel matrices of the UE-BS channels. By activating multiple basestations in a scenario, you can generate the channels between the users and these basestations. This is sufficient to support the distributed MIMO setup.

For example, if you activate the first 5 basestations (M=5) in the scenario O1 and select a set of the users (let's say the first 10 users, U=10), you can have the channels (H_mu) for each UE-BS pair and compute the expressions for distributed MIMO setup.

As a related application, you may take a look at the coordinated beamforming paper and implementation.


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