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[Solved] Does DeepMIMO 5G NR support downlink MISO as well as antenna polarization at BS  


Lei Li
 Lei Li
(@Lei Li)
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20/12/2021 2:41 pm  

According to the description, DeepMIMO 5G NR supports the antenna polarization feature. However, it shows that if the antenna polarization is enabled, both the BS antennas and UE antennas will be doubled. That is, the number of antennas at UE is at least two.

I am wondering whether a single antenna at UE and multiple antennas (with polarization) at BS are supported. Thanks.

% Polarized antennas, setting it to 1 places 2 cross polarized antennas
% for each antenna element in the array. In this case, there will be
% twice the number of antennas selected in ueAntSize and bsAntSize
% parameters. For instance, if bsAntSize = [4,8] and polarization is 1,
% the transmitter will have 64 antennas. Similary, the ueAntSize is
% doubled with the polarization.

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21/12/2021 12:34 am  


The DeepMIMO-5GNR generation code has been updated. You can now select different polarization preferences for the UEs and for the BSs using the parameters "CDL_5G.bsPolarization" and "CDL_5G.uePolarization".

Please refer to the "input parameters" section in the DeepMIMO 5GNR webpage for more details.
Please let us know if you have any more questions.


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